Goatee Groundhog Day 2012? Dare we?

Phil Says Expect an Early Spring!

posted: February 2nd, 2011
It's here. Groundhog Day. We're really doing this. 24-hours of goatee absurdity.

Two things: 1) There is no schedule of themes. If you'd like to see something happen.. rally the troops via the chat and make it happen. Ideas include: Photoshop Hour, Polo Shirts and Visors and Golden Tee Tournament. Yes, those last two are meant to be gross.

2) If you need to send your photo in while not at the computer just email your image to mail@goateegroundhogsday.com from the address you login with. It's an experimental feature but it should work.

Enjoy the experience.. it'll be gone before you know it (thankfully).

Feb 2nd. It Begins.

posted: February 1st, 2011
Get your razors ready to sculpt your 24-hour goatee. Sign ups are open now but photo uploading won't begin until the big day arrives.